Card Request

Please fill out the form below to place a request for a batch of about 130 Evangelization Cards.

The two sides of the cards (which are sized like standard business cards) are as follows:

Don’t hesitate to request again if you’ve gone through all of your cards!


We do not charge for these cards. If, however, you would like to make a donation to help cover expenses, which amount to about $5 per request, that would be appreciated, but it is certainly not required. Simply mail cash or a check — made out to Daniel O’Connor — to:

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You may also send money digitally (using Paypal, Zelle, etc.) to Daniel’s email address:

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A special thank you to those who donate more than the cost of the request! It is you who make this apostolate possible, since most people who request are not able to donate. God bless you!

You will not be added to any sort of mailing list, nor will any of your information ever be shared.


If you need a very large quantity, then you’ll be better off getting these cards printed on your own, as that would be the easier and less expensive option.

See this guide to getting these cards printed on your own.

To those outside the U.S.: Unfortunately we are not capable of mailing these outside of the U.S. for a reasonable cost (even simply mailing them a few hours’ drive to Canada quadruples the shipping cost and adds documentation requirements that we cannot accommodate here.) But the guide linked above should be very helpful for you.


These cards are of course ideal for DWMoM walks. But they are certainly not limited to that! Tens of thousands of these cards have already been printed and mailed out throughout the country. Here’s some other uses for these cards provided by people who have already received them. Please take inspiration from their examples and do likewise!

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A Shipment of Cards Ready to be Mailed

A Shipment of Cards Ready to be Mailed