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To be a Divine Will Missionary of Mercy is to radically respond to the Signs of the Times by taking this most urgent message where it is most needed—the poorest streets of cities (Five Steps suggested for doing so below)—or to simply strive to make yourself a daily Eucharistic Procession out into the world in whatever duties your state in life requires of you after Mass; doing your best to hold on to—and spread—the infinite graces of the Eucharist you receive, instead of letting these precious graces slip away through post-Mass distractions and temptations.

1) Before leaving home, put on a Divine Mercy pin, and grab some Evangelization Cards and Rosaries,

2) Attend Mass with great devotion

3) Strive to Live in God’s Will — to yourself become a Living Host — and ask Jesus to preserve the Eucharistic Species within you

4) After Mass, pray the DWMoM prayer below

5) Go for a walk as you pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and/or Rosary, and remain open to any opportunities the Holy Spirit provides to Proclaim the Divine Mercy. A simple “God Bless You” to those who make eye contact with you is a great approach.

Daily Prayer after Mass, Before Leaving Church:

(Feel free to modify this prayer however you like to apply it to whatever you happen to do after Mass: your commute to work, errands, etc.)

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Click here for the original longer prayer, and for the prayer above as an editable word Document.

16 minute talk on the mission of the Divine Will Missionaries of Mercy. Given by Daniel O’Connor at the 2016 Catholic Leadership Conference in Denver, CO.

An example of a DWMoM Walk (June 23rd, 2022, in Albany, NY):