The DWMoM Spirit

Whether due to reasons of vocation, health, location, or whatever else,
most Catholics will not find it feasible to themselves be full-blown daily Divine Will Missionary of Mercy Street Walkers. But anyone can still be a Divine Will Missionary of Mercy!

The spirit of a Divine Will Missionary of Mercy can be lived by doing the following:

  • Attend Mass with great devotion (and receive the Eucharist) each day before your endeavors that bring you out into the world; whether those DWMoM in Spirit 1endeavors be related to work, volunteering, errands, school, or whatever else.
  • Spend at least those 15 minutes after receiving Communion (the time that we know Jesus’ true, substantial, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity remains in your body) in fervent prayer of thanksgiving and adoration, also praying the DWMoM prayer (modified however you see fit to make it fit best with the endeavors of your day)
    • Remember that engaging in conversations or worldly endeavors immediately after Mass ends is not conducive to living the DWMoM spirit! Strive with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength to appropriate the infinite graces contained in the Eucharist. DWMoM in Spirit 2
  • Wear this smaller DWMoM button as you embark from the Church and keep it on wherever you go. Although the standard DWMoM button might be a bit large for ordinary day-to-day endeavors, this smaller, square-shaped button, is perfectly reasonable to wear anywhere.
    • Any Divine Mercy Image pin with “Jesus, I Trust in You” written on it will work, but unfortunately most of them are not large enough to be realistically able to be venerated by people you meet throughout the day — but this veneration is essential to spread the Promise of Jesus to Faustina that “whosoever venerates this image shall not perish.”
  • Make sure to always have Evangelization Cards ready in an easily-accessible pocket. These can be given out or placed wherever the opportunity presents itself. Be creative!Monitor EvangelizationDon’t feel comfortable wearing a Divine Mercy button at work? Try simply taping an Evangelization Card to the bottom of your monitor, in such a place that coworkers can see it. This is highly unlikely to cause any problems, but it will be a beautiful and powerful witness. Don’t let a thousand theoretical fears prevent you from proclaiming the Divine Mercy!
  • Don’t hesitate to use your daily commute to work as a DWMoM outing! This is a wonderful opportunity to use a bumper sticker to expose many people to the Divine Mercy image as you drive, in the Divine Will, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary, for all of the intentions in the DWMoM prayer.  Here are some places to find such bumper stickers:
    • Divine Mercy Gift Shop
    • If you have sufficient bumper space (such as if you drive a station wagon, hatchback, van, or truck), then the best thing to do is pictured above: simply print out, laminate, and use clear packaging tape to adhere a full page printout of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe to your vehicle.
    • Here’s a PDF file that you can use for that. If you don’t have a good color printer or a laminator, then a good idea is to use Staples or FedEx online printing. For a couple dollars you can print out that PDF in high quality full color and have them laminate it.


  • In choosing your day’s destinations, routes, errands, and the like, favor proximity with the lowly, the needy, the poor, and the sick. Do not allow yourself to always gravitate towards those you feel comfortable with, but towards those you recognize could most benefit from God’s grace working through you.
  • Strive as much as possible to remain in a spirit of recollection and prayer throughout your activities out in the world. This will mean turning off the radio and the Ipod, putting away the smartphone, avoiding vain and idle speech, etc. Instead, try to continually be reciting the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
  • No matter what happens around you, utterly refuse to permit a spirit of impatience, agitation, fear, or anxiety enter into your soul. These will rob you of a recollected spirit and prevent you from being the channel of grace that you are asking God to make of you.
  • Commit to replace ordinary salutations with ones that can act as channels of grace. To the cashier at the store, instead of merely saying “Have a good day,” say “God bless you.” Instead of responding to the question “How are you today?” Simply with “Good, yourself?” rather try responding to it with something like “I am very blessed, how are you?” Short and easy sayings such as these can do enormous good, and sometimes lead to much more. Whether or not they do lead to more, remain confident that God can and will work through them whatever He needs to.