The Prayer

The following prayer should be recited before each formal DWMoM city street walk, and may be modified as needed to accommodate the various ways that DWMoMs in spirit will spend their time after Mass:  

Most Holy Trinity, You who now dwell inside my body in all of Your Divinity, nothing is beyond Your power. Therefore I come before you and say Fiat Voluntas Tua. I renounce my self-will, and instead seek only Your Will. As you have held nothing back from me, let me likewise hold nothing back from you.

I fervently beg you to miraculously preserve the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist within me, so that you may make of me a living Monstrance, that my walk today may be a true Procession through this city’s streets. Make of me a living Host, that all who see me truly gaze upon Your face.

Let the Transubstantiation of the Host within me effect the Transconsecration of my very self, that I may receive the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, so that Jesus may walk in my walking, speak in my speaking, pray in my praying, and indeed substitute His Divine and Eternal operations for all of my acts, and through me re-do all of the acts of Creation, past, present, and future — in the Will of God, offering them back to the Father with the seal of my Fiat, which I pray may become an echo of Jesus and Mary’s perfect Fiat.

Dear Jesus, let all of my sufferings on this walk serve as atonement for my sins and those of the whole world, and be perfectly united with Yours in Your Passion. Let my hunger and thirst be Your own as You fasted in the desert; let any fear or anxiety that assails me be your own in the Garden; let my fatigue and exhaustion be Yours in Your journeys of ministry; let whatever heat or cold I feel be united to what you felt in the desert and on the mountains; and let any ridicule, reviling, persecution, or dismissal I endure be Your own rejection by Your people.

Let all who see me that lack Faith be as Longinus, and acknowledge you are the Son of God. Let all who see me that lack works be as Dismas, and receive the grace of perfect contrition, hope, and trust. Let all who see me that live in sin be as Magdalene, and amend their ways.

Let all who see me that suffer from wounds of spirit be healed of them, and in place of any darkness or despair, be filled with peace and joy, as you preached the good news to the poor. Let all who see the image of Your Mercy that I wear venerate it and therefore receive the promise you entrusted to Faustina, so they may not perish. Let all who see the weapon of your Mother that I carry receive grace through her intercession, that she may crush the head of the serpent in their lives.

Do not restrict these graces to only those few who see me, but let them be extended to all who dwell in the buildings I pass, all who travel the same streets I walk, all the friends and family of these, and continue in this manner until they reach the furthest ends of Earth, Heaven, and Purgatory.

I call upon the intercession of all the angels, saints, and Holy Souls in Purgatory to present these prayers before the Throne of God. Above all I entrust and consecrate myself entirely to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Queen of all Creation, and Mediatrix of all Grace.

Dear Mother, You never gave life to the self-will, and as such you lived perfectly in the Divine Will from the moment you were Immaculately Conceived in the womb of St. Anne. As I have given all to you, I trust that you will not permit me, your loving child and willing slave, to refuse God the least sign of love. Clothe me in your virtues and cover me with your mantle, so that when I stand before God, it may not be my own feeble works and merits that I give Him, but rather your own.

And if, Dear Lord, in Your perfect will, You see fit to bless this work with success, do not permit me to receive the credit, but to Your Name give the glory. Let my own small role be unnoticed, for You alone are good, and I am an unworthy servant.

As I depart from this Church, do not depart from me, Lord. Let my adoration remain unbroken, fixated upon Your Eucharistic Presence within me, so that even as I walk these streets, my soul may remain as I am now — kneeling before you in silence.

I firmly trust and believe that you can do all of these things, for I ask in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.