Dear Missionaries

Dear Missionaries,

What a joy it is to address you all for the first time!

If it’s been a while since you were on this site, you might want to take a minute to click around. I’ve placed more emphasis on being a DWMoM “in spirit,” putting it on equal standing as being a DWMoM “Street Walker,” so that these two initiatives may serve as the two essential aspects of this ministry. Indeed most people will not be able to be full blown DWMoM Street Walkers, and yet the mission of bringing the Divine Mercy out into the world by way of the Divine Will, from the power of the Eucharist, is an essential mission for all Catholics; especially during this Year of Mercy.

Another thing I have added is a radio interview I did regarding this apostolate. You can find it here:

Today, upon opening the Holy Door at St. John Lateran, our Holy Father said “Before the Holy Door we are called to cross, we are asked to be instruments of mercy, knowing that we will be judged on this.” Last week, on my personal blog,, I made some observations regarding the Holy Year of Mercy that I pray may help inspire you to make good use of the great gift that this Jubilee Year is: And So It Begins.

As promised, the DWMoM Albany meetings will be shared on Google Hangouts so that anyone who wishes to do so may join us both in spirit and digitally, in prayer. I have never done this before, so forgive me in advance if there are technical issues. I also have no idea what our turnout will be here in Albany for meeting one (I know the adjusted time threw some people off); perhaps just a few people, perhaps many! Either way, there will be at least “two or three gathered in [His] name,” so we know that He will be in our midst! If all goes well technically, you should be able to use this link to join us at 4:00pm (Eastern) on Youtube or this one to join us directly on “hangouts”: 

Follow along with our prayer and readings using the following PDFs

Click to access complete-meeting-packet-12-13-2015.pdf

Click to access reading-for-12-13-2015-meeting.pdf

God bless you all!

In His Will,
In Christ,
Through Mary,



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